The Theory

Between the continuum of space/time and the singularity of a black hole lie a series of points known collectively as the event horizon. It is at this point that light is terminally attracted by the immense gravity of the matter within the black hole. Beyond this point events cease - before this point time appears to slow inexorably towards stillness, but can still be reversed.


The apocalypse is not fire and brimstone, but an immense stillness, a nothing within which all rules, laws, principles and understanding break down.


The minor event horizons that are breached every day create holes in our apparently finite worlds. These holes occur with alarming frequency, regularly puncturing the space/time equilibrium and stealing, from under our noses, elements of our world. The gravity beyond the horizon is so omnipotent that it attracts and contains all elements of the wave/particle duality - light, matter, memory and understanding. Once gone no trace remains.


The details contained here have been gathered according to a principle which predicts where these events will occur. They reveal a previously unrealised picture of the frequency at which horizons are crossed and predicts the events at which singularity occurs.

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